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Not like e regular gym


For Every Age

We are not like a regular gym. And we don't want to be...
We are Every Woman Fitness.  We are a women's only fitness facility for every age, every fitness level, every fitness goal, for every woman. Our members range from teenagers to ladies in their eighties. Some of them are brand new to exercise, while others are competitive marathon runners and everyone else is somewhere in between. But mostly our members are regular ladies who want to be healthy. .If you are like most of our members, and don't like regular gyms...we might be the right place for you.


Every Fitness Level

  ​​​  Our Mission is to provide a place where every woman can go. We are a place for every fitness level, every ability, every challenge, every culture, every woman.

Many of our members are new to exercise, have tried before and failed or have weight loss as a focus.


For Every Woman

 Whatever your fitness goal is, we have got what you need to achieve it . If you want to lose, tone, firm up or just stay healthy we can work with you. We have a full line of quality cardio equipment, strength training and flexibility equipment.  We also offer Express Circuit training. Express Circuit training is a full body cardio and strength training circuit workout – fast.

What people say about Every Woman Fitness

"I have finally found the gym for me." - Vanessa


 Fitness made fun and fast, with coaches who care and are always there for you. We specialize in women who have failed or who never exercised before. 

" Absolutely love this gym! The staff is always extremely friendly and helpful, they take their time to guide you through their entire circuit to ensure you are getting the most efficient work out you possibly can. If you are someone who isn't very familiar with working out but want to learn and start a better healthier lifestyle, this is the place to start!" - Natasha



"Best gym ever. Been a member some time now" - Toby



"They have all the equipment i need and more. I can't get bored here. It's the staff that make the real difference". Susan P


 We cater to ALL women, from every background and culture.  


"The coaches make the difference, Cari is so much fun. I have lost 70 lbs.This place changed my life." - Lynn


"I think I have finally found my new home." - You


"I never thought I would say this, my back pain is completely gone." - Maggie

  "I love the welcoming environment and I feel extremely motivated and comfortable working out in this wonderful all women’s facility. My wonderful consultation with Cari made me feel empowered and eager to work on my overall well-being. Thank you for welcoming me to this great facility! Do "not hesitate to join; you won’t regret it !" - Maria


"Big shout out to Kelly, She is absolutly fantastic!" - Gillain



In 1 year you can make a major change in your life for the better....much better.​ "I lost over 100 lbs in just over 12 months. I could not have done it without this club and their staff. Thank you" - Amanda


" I have been big all my life. Inactive the whole time. For the first time ever and 50 pounds later you can now call me fit." - Cheryl

"I can burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes" - Maggie

" I love this gym." - Karen


Our circuit training is simple, safe, fun, fast and effective.


 "This is a friendly, secure place where I can have fun, be myself, uncover and lose 30 lbs so far" - Mata   

 "Every Woman Fitness is the only gym for me. The circuit training option allows me to get in and out (showered and all!) in just under an hour. The circuit also means that I don't have to worry about waiting for a machine to be free, or planning my workout. I know that each machine is designed to target specific muscle groups, and I know that it works! The staff are the friendly, helpful, icing on the cake. Very much recommend!" - Amy


"Say Hi to Cari, She's tons of fun" - Farah



"I never worked out before and was hesitant. After getting serious with myself I started to go regularly. It has paid off. Now you can't keep me out." - Brenda


"I can finally go buy regular shoes. I have now lost over 100 pounds. I could not have done it without the staff at EWF".  Madison 

 "I'm so glad I found this amazing gym during my travels. They were really welcoming and I enjoyed training there for the time I was staying in Toronto very much. The staff is super nice, helpful and will motivate you during their fun classes. It's also conveniently located and within walking distance to a subway station." - Rebecca


About Us

Every Fitness Goal


  • Women's only - No men allowed.
  • Full service- free coaching
  • Comfortable setting -- just be yourself
  • All staff Certified  
  • Express Training - 30 minute workout.  
  • Circuit designed for women

Every Fitness Level


  • Strength machines , free weights
  • Strength training machines designed for women  
  • Cardio - treadmills, elliptical. steppers, rowers, circuit, bikes  
  • All classes included
  • Free towel service

Every Woman


  •  Discounted personal training  
  • ​Absentee Call service  
  • Physio training
  • ​We actually know yourname and use it.  
  • ​Discounts for hospital staff / seniors / students / groups / corporate

Our very real difference

For Every Age.......


 Unlike all other gyms our  coaches are FREE.  No charge. Zero.    When you start with us our coaches will train you on all the equipment until you are comfortable. After that they join you on your fitness journey; motivating, and pushing you. Even calling you if you haven't been in for a while. Just ask us to. You are not doing this alone.  

... Every Fitness Level...



The value is free coaching is HUGE. When you exercise with the right technique and the right intensity, you get results much quicker. We will even do a weigh and measure each month if you wish. That way we can keep track of your progress and make changes to your routine when its time to. Every week you will get a diet tips and learn more moves,

.....For Every Woman



Do a fun Coach's Challenge, you may even win a prize. Our coaches are here for you. Want an on demand class? - Just ask. Need some help stretching? We are there.

Need a push? Let's go for it.

A benefit of our active coaching model is that we can also help ladies with various challenges. Sight and mobility are two examples. 







Our coaching makes the difference, and it's free.



Proper technique.....


 Unlike all other gyms our coaches are FREE.  No charge. Zero.    When you start with us our coaches will train you on all the equipment until you are comfortable. After that they join you on your fitness journey; motivating, and pushing you. Even calling you if you haven't been in for a while. Just ask us to. You are not doing this alone.  

Proper Intensity.....


The value is free coaching is HUGE. When you exercise with the right technique and the right intensity, you get results much quicker. We will even do a weigh and measure each month if you wish. That way we can keep track of your progress and make changes to your routine when its time to. Every week you will get a diet tips and learn more moves,

= Proper results !


 Do a fun Coach's Challenge, you may even win a prize. Our coaches are here for you. Want an on demand class? - Just ask. Need some help stretching? We are there.

Need a push? Let's go for it.

Our stuff

Express Circuit


Maybe you don't have a lot of time or are on the move. Maybe new to exerciseew to exercise? This is for you. Want to stay healthy? Bingo.

Our Express training is cardio and strength training that works your whole body, top to bottom in just 30 minutes. 

Burn up to 500 calories. Do it twice if you can.



We have got a great assortment of your favorite cardio equipment, Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, steppers, rowers There is always one free. Some hospital staff drop in for 15 minutes at a time. Maybe that works for you too?  In group sessions you have fun and burn calories while doing it.

Strength training


Our equipment is made just for women

- Lose Body Fat. Weight training builds muscle, as lean muscle increases so does metabolism - Gain Strength without Bulking - Decrease Risk of Osteoporosis - Reduce Risk of Injury - Burn More Calories - Improve Posture and Reduce Back Pain. .- Enhance Mood & Reduce Stress

Group Sessions

Power Hour


Our most popular class for years. A full body strength and cardio workout bonanza. Join at any time and don't worry; all our move can be modified for any fitness level. Girl Power !



Is it fitness? Is it dance? It's Zumba! A latin influenced dance fitness party where you have so much fun you will forget you are working out. Can't dance? Nobody cares, we can't either. Some days we follow this up with our Bollywood dance time  so stick around.

Stretch - Yoga


Start your day off right. This is the only time of the day that our workout music slows down to a more relaxing tempo. We get the blood flowing and the body bending.  You're going to have a great day.

Class on demand


We have hundreds of videos for you to use. From the latest high intensity workouts to maybe an oldie from the 80's. Just ask us and we will find your favorite type. 

What a great time.

Baby Hour


Every Morning we put aside 90 minutes for the new Mother's to come in with baby in strollers to work away the days stress and build strength and stamina. You're going to need it. Some staff are certified in dealing with pre and post natal exercise.

Something for everyone


First and foremost  - All of our sessions are free! Bootylicious, Killer core, Bollywood, Abs and Arms. Boxercise, Kettle Class, and Bootcamp.are just some of the sessions we have had at the club  We change them around regularly and we are always  adding something new. Come in and see what we're doing today. .

Weight Loss

If there is one thing we are most proud of at Every Woman Fitness, it is the thousands of pounds that have been lost in our club. We have countless stories of wonderful, successful, long term weight loss. In many cases, life changing weight loss.s. 

  We have dozens of members who have lost 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 up to 100 pounds in under a year.  60 pounds seem like a huge mountain to climb. But losing 5 pounds a month doesn't seem as bad does it? How about 6 pounds a month for 10 out of the next 12 months. That sounds like a plan you can do.

Our staff have a multitude of certifications. We deal with ladies with injuries, older adults, expecting or new mothers and those who have tried and failed.  

You can't change everything at once. Ours is a layered approached to starting a weight loss program. One change at a time

"Can I still eat real food?"

Of course, we will show you how to read labels, how to buy food, what to buy, how to prepare and how much to eat. But there will be some changes to what you are used to. .Everyone finds it  much easier to eat right when they start looking and feeling in better shape. You'll see.

How much does this cost?

  If you have a significant amount to lose (40+) and a  time frame to get this done, then it sounds like you're serious. We are too. Come talk to us and let us figure out together what is right for you. We have a plan for your goals and your budget. 


Will I have to exercise?

  The short answer is yes. And it will be the right exercise for you, it will be fun, fast, safe and effective. Come talk to our trainers for the longer answer.

  Our formula is simple  - appropriate exercise, maintainable nutrition plan. professional guidance, accountability, support, one on one training, education. motivation. behavior modification, fun, friends, happiness = Success. 

Are you serious about your weight loss? Our Titanium package is for you!

Our Personal Trainers and Coaches

Personal training



Our personal trainers are the best training value in the city. We charge less than other clubs so that everyone can afford it. They are motivated to get you where you want to be. Professional, experienced, certified in multiple fields to help you from simply  beating back pain to beating your personal best in that upcoming race. Our  personal trainers will help get you there.  This is not cookie cutter training, we do a full consultation prior to getting started to find out all about you. 

We have a different philosophy on this. Make it affordable so everyone can do it. We offer education, motivation, behavior modification, accountability, a friend. Working with a professional, experienced, certified trainer is worth it. Thr Proof is in the results and we have a fantastic track record of results!

- Free Consultation - Pre-and post natal training- Fitness for older adults - Working around injuries / Rehabilitation - Meal planning  - Nutrition ​- For both members and non-members



Kelly started her career as a Nurse. After a number of years healing illness she wanted to get into illness prevention and became a personal trainer.

With a background in long distance running, Kelly has been a competitive fitness and bikini model. She specializes in boosting clients self esteem and confidence with most of her clients over the past decade in the 40-80 year old range.

She is very understanding with a wide range of training techniques. 

Kelly is just plain fantastic.


CPR-HCP with AED Certified

· Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)

· Registered Nurse (R.N.) Registered with College of Nurses of Ontario

· TRX Certified

· Certified Advanced Biomechanics Specialist

· Certified Core Conditioning Specialist

· Fitness Kickboxing & MMA Conditioning Instructor (Level 1) Certified

· FMA-GEM Certified



She is both tough and sweet. You will love her and hate her with a smile on your face. No matter what your goal,  Brittany has the answer. She is experienced with all ages and fitness levels. Want to lose weight? You have found the right trainer for you.


Brittany’s passion for fitness was ignited through dance, with a background in ballet, tap and jazz  and is certified in Zumba, Zumba Step, Zumba Sentao and Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr. 


She has experience programming client’s workouts to achieve: weight loss, muscle growth and definition, as well as improving overall range of motion and mobility. She has experience training individuals with ACL injuries, slipped disked in their necks and overall loves seeing individual’s growth and health improve. 


Personal Training Specialist (Can Fit Pro) 

ZIN Instructor 



Our coaches are not  personal trainers. What they are is more like a fitness concierge. They are here to enhance your experience with us each and every time you come in. They will teach and remind you how to use all the equipment all while putting a smile on your face. They are always able to show you different things to do to keep your exercise fresh. How about this - Our coaches call every member by name.




So you heard that exercise isn't fun. Don't tell that to Cari because she will let you know that you are wrong. Most new members get to deal with Cari. Cari understands that a good sense of humor can get you through the tough times. A self described "work in progress" with a motto of "If I can do it then you certainly can to."



Michelle has lost and kept off 80 pounds. That is just fantastic. She helps our members do the same. More of a fitness concierge, Michelle will show you some new moves, do a core challenge with you or just brighten your day. You need something? Anything? Just ask Michelle.

Some questions answered

What if I don't have a lot of time?

 Our Express circuit is something you may love. Circuit training is a mixture of strength training and a top notch cardio workout all at once and in a fairly short time, Just a half hour.  You come in and you work hard. 30 minutes later you have worked every major muscle multiple times from top to bottom. You’re heart has been at its optimal level for a fantastic cardio workout. You have just burnt between 300-600 calories. You feel great, and then you're off to do whatever you enjoy in life.  You have got to give this a try. You can work out in our circuit for less than 30 minutes if you don’t have even that much time, 15 minutes will still give you a great workout. 

Will I have to sweat?

 If you are coming to the club for flexibility or recovery or to just feel great going around the circuit lightly with friends, then you can get away with not getting sweaty. But if you're here with a goal to really get results, then it's time to get a good sweat on baby! Working hard almost always means sweating too. Once you get used to it, you'll love it. It's true.

I hate gyms.

 That’s not really a question, but we understand and know how you feel.
Many of the women who come to Every Woman Fitness feel the same way. They don’t like gyms, they feel uncomfortable, -  maybe not sure what to do, they can be so big and busy -  not to mention the staring. They all felt differently when then came to us.  Come see what we mean. We are place built for women. All of our equipment is designed for women. Our equipment and classes are for every fitness level. This is a place where you can be yourself and get results.  

"How long do I have to do it for?"

  Fitness should become  a way of life. But let's take it one step at a time.

 if you want to lose weight, taking if off slowly is the right way. It took a while to put it on but it can come off much quicker. 6-8 lbs a month is a great safe pace. Most of our members stay for a minimum of 12 months and we have shorter terms memberships as well.

Look we know losing 60 pounds seems like a huge daunting task. But we look at it as losing 6 pounds in 10 of the next 12 months. Now that's something you can do! We take it one step at a time and those steps get easier and more rewarding as they go, ta;k to our members. They will tell yu

I've tried before but never had success............

   We know the main reasons why ladies don't succeed in gyms. 1) Not feeling comfortable in a mixed gym. We have an informal saying around here. NO men, NO make up and No mirrors.What we mean by this is that this place is not a pickup gym. its a place for women like you to exercise without being stared at or compared. Just other ladies with the same goals heading in the same direction - towards results!     2) Not knowing what to do. Wow there is a lot of choices at gyms, lots of machines, How do any of them work? At Every Woman Fitness when you join we will workout with you for your first few visits to make sure you know what to do and how to do it. 

........Why will this work ?

 After that our coaches are still there for you. They are FREE. That's right you can use our coaches every day if need be. When you know what to do - the right technique and the right intensity, you simply get results faster. Period.   3) Motivation. Working out is a habit, we will help you build that habit. Tell us why you're here and we will assist you anyway we can to stay on track. If you want us to, we will even call you when you have not been in for a little while. Now that's service you don't see in a regular gym.   

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